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Our outpatient therapy programs for neuromuscular conditions involve re-educating the nervous system for patients based on individual needs. Neuromuscular re-education techniques help patients regain normal, controlled movement patterns. Because the nervous system controls most of what we can do, our programs almost always includes neuromuscular re-education as a part of the overall recovery regimen.

These approaches can be used to for patients with spine-related symptoms, or for those with an underlying condition who are working to prevent recurrences.In these approaches, tasks are broken down into their most simple component single-joint movement patterns. These patterns are perfected with proper alignment, breathing, and muscle stabilization in non-weight bearing postures using manual or mechanical assistance. 

Neuromuscular training may include activities for balance, core controls, and re-training specific body parts to perform tasks that the body part was previously able to do. Our goal is to re-establish normal kinesthetic sense and perception of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. By educating and bringing awareness to patients, they will be able to understand and attempt to alleviate symptoms that cause improper functioning.

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