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Therapeutic Exercises

At Prime Rehab Center, the purpose of Therapeutic Exercises, or TheraEx, is to regain or improve

flexibility, endurance,  and strength related to an individual's specific physical injuries.

Therapeutic exercise is a structured and carefully planned performance of body movements or exercises

which aims  to enhance and restore physical function, generally developed in a therapy or rehabilitation setting.

Goals of TheraEx
  1. The ultimate goals is to reach an optimal level of pain-free
    movement, without limitations, during basic to complex
    physical activities.

  2. To improve and restore physical function.

  3. To prevent loss of function.

  4. To prevent and decrease impairment and disability

  5. To improve overall health status, fitness and sense of well-being

Types of Therapeutic Exercises

Depending on our patient's individual needs, TheraEx can be classified into many types:

  1. Range of motion exercises which aim to maintain and increase range of motion as traditional ROM exercises
    (passive, active and active assisted ROM exercises) and techniques of joint mobilization and soft tissue stretching.


  2. Muscle performance exercises to increase muscle strength, power, and endurance as resisted exercises and endurance exercises.

  3. Postural/gait exercises to improve posture, correct insufficient posture, and improve gait abnormalities.

  4. Balance and coordination exercises to improve balance and coordination.

  5. Ergonomic exercises and stretches to reduce workplace injuries.

  6. Area specific exercises as breathing exercises and circulatory exercises.


Our team of Physical / Occupational Therapists will determine the best type of TheraEx that you need to regain your level of functionality prior to your injury. Prime Rehab Center Therapists will also educate you on exercises to meet your short-term and long-term goals.

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